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I feel like it didnt have to go the way it went. I was emotional about it. I just started crying. Hayes said Attorney Nandi Campbell was the first one to tell him he killed former Saint Will Smith. I cried like a baby man. I said, my life is over. They are going to make me out like I shot and killed this man. She (Campbell) patted me on the back and said no baby, your life isnt over dont say that. Hayes defense attorney Fuller asked him, who was the only person that made you feel like you were about to be killed? Hayes responded, Will Smith. I knew for a fact that I was about to get shot. I wish they still had Will Smith.

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Read more We'll tell you 3 questions to ask the adjuster that will test whether they are treating you fairly or not. Among the more common: Distracted drivers, including drivers who are talking on the phone or tenting, rubbernecking other accidents, fiddling with music, looking at the scenery, and paying attention to other passengers Drowsy drivers, including those who have been behind the wheel for more than two hours, those who are driving late at night or after a heavy meal, and those who have taken medicines that may cause drowsiness Impaired drivers, even if the driver isn't over the legal blood-alcohol limit Driving aggressively, including tailgating, failing to yield the right of way, yelling or making rude gestures at other drivers, ignoring traffic signals, and changing lanes frequently Weather, including rain, snow, fog, ice, sleet, and wind If You Are an Automobile Accident Victim Victims in an auto mobile accident may include the car's driver, passengers, bystanders, and even the spouse of an injured person. We have the Highest Settlement Success Rate 95%. We are available to you any time of day. Even if you think you haven’t been injured, take tees ... There are a number of documents that you will need prior to filing your claim, and there are also certain things that you must ensure you do before the case against the other side is commenced. Get your car repaired or top dollar replacement value. Car accident law is a combination of traffic and personal injury law. You may be entitled to thousands of dollars if you have been injured or have experienced a loss or damage to property. When you're injured, you need an experienced accident law firm on your side that FIGHTS FOR YOU! DO NOT USE LEGAL CLINICS.

But you must act quickly. You will waste time and evidence will be lost since witnesses are apt to forget and police reports can take forever to receive. Don’t settle for less by attempting to battle the insurance companies on your own. You will not need to go to court if you work with our experienced team. Call the Dumas Law Group, P.C. now to learn more about your legal rights in a free consultation. If you already have a lawyer, we will advise you how to change to be represented by us for no additional fee or cost.